Hi, I'm Stephane and I build software systems and websites that help small businesses manage day to day operations and overcome technological difficulties. I'm also a game programmer and World of Warcraft™ addon developer. Here are a few of my projects:

  • remicarrier.com
  • remicarrier.com
  • PHP/mySQL web site
  • CPMS
  • CPMS
  • C++/SQL Server Application
  • GarrisonJukeBox
  • GarrisonJukeBox
  • World of Warcraft™ addon
  • Essence
  • Essence
  • Unity4/C# 2D game

Consulting Services

I provide consulting services for small businesses to aid entrepreneurs manage their operations; inventory, production line, warehousing, client relations, finances and most of all, human resource management.

My greatest strengths are perseverance, resourcefulness and a quick learner. I can pin-point the slightest imbalances that cause companies to have a hard time managing their assets successfully. More and more entrepreneurs are attuning themselves to technological advancements and one of the greatest changes I ever saw was a business going from all paper to printing out only customer invoices and receipts.

Personalized Software Development

I build robust, reliable and affordable software systems. My goal is to help businesses better understand and manage a multitude of critical everyday operations.

Web Site Development and Hosting

I also design, develop, host and migrate web sites at affordable and competitive prices. I resell web hosting at very low prices and my services are performed within a timely manner.

About myself

I created Solutions Gestico back in 1997 as a small mail order reseller of software, video games and consoles. Since 2001, I began offering consulting services on information technology and also started to design a small ERP software system to help manage small businesses; that system is still being worked on by bringing new technologies and techniques to the project.

My programming debut started in my early years as a child when my grand-father, who worked for the Canadian Armed Forces as a programmer-analyst, brought home some equipment that I fixed in some miraculous way and since that day, I have been intrigued by the field of computer sciences.

My first hands-on experience with video games was Mickey's Space Adventure™ on the PC back in 1985 developed by Sierra. I've played on a multitude of platforms ever since; JRPGs being my favorite type. Here's a list, in my opinion, of the best video games that I have played extensively:


I currently have an ACS in computer sciences mixed with a technical diploma from CDI college of Business and Technology.

Work History

I've worked as a video game salesman, a warehouse production line assistant manager, a warehouse manager, and a game programmer.

Please visit my linkedin profile for further details.