sgPunch / sgPunch Manager version 2.0

sgPunch is a computerized punch-clock system for controlling employee ins and outs. A card with a barcode is printed for each employee and in order to interface with the software, each employee must scan the card with a barcode scanner. This creates a new field in the database and payroll managers can use sgPunch Manager to access, modify, validate and print timesheets. sgPunch / sgPunch Manager 2.0 respects the ISO 8601 calendar standard.


About the project

This project (codename Essence) is a 2D platformer video game that I'm currently developing using Unity 4, Illustrator, Photoshop, Sound Forge, and Cockos Reaper. I plan to publish this game on the PC, iOS, and Android mobile platforms for the moment.

Title Music

title.ogg ©2014-2015 Solutions Gestico. All Rights Reserved.

Story (short)

<Hero>, a mysterious voodoo man, comes back home from gathering essential plants and roots that he uses to perform his dark incantations and suddenly realizes that his dreadful dolls are missing. He quickly searches his hut but finds nothing. <Hero> heads outside and notices foot trails that look like those made by the <Villains>. They seem to lead into the forbidden jungle of <Jungle>; an eerie place where even the bravest warriors fear to enter. One thing for sure, without his dolls, <Hero> is powerless. He must find them at all cost. He will have to set out into the mystical jungle and take back what is his. The <Villains> are known to hide in dark dungeons and caves. Each <Villains> tribe is led by a Chieftain who is in possession of a single doll. <Hero> must find a way through the traps and dangers that await him and recover all of his dolls.

... more to come.

If you would like to help me realize this project you can send me a donation using the following PayPal button. All proceeds will go towards development costs.

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GarrisonJukeBox (GPLv2)

This is an addon (script that modifies the World of Warcraft™ user interface) and it's goal is to offer all the different embedded music files that the game has; a sort of jukebox. The player can build a custom list of favorite music. Furthermore, this list can be played in whatever zone of the game the user chooses. I made this addon using the World of Warcraft™ API and the LUA language with the help of the Ace3 library. This addon is currently used by thousands of players. You can download it on Curse.com.

Back-End remicarrier.com

This is a complete website content management application for remicarrier.com developped in HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, JQuery, Ajax and MySQL.

remicarrier.com version 2.0

The general director of Rémi Carrier inc. decided to give the web site a new look in order to catch the eyes of potential customers. After hours of parsing through several templates, I finally got the go ahead.

sgPunch / sgPunch Manager

sgPunch is a computerized punch-clock system for controlling employee ins and outs. A card with a barcode is printed for each employee and in order to interface with the software, each employee must scan the card with a barcode scanner. This creates a new field in the database and payroll managers can use sgPunch Manager to access, modify, validate and print timesheets. I created this software during my employment at Rémi Carrier inc.


sgSupplier is a MySQL™ database software application used to store contact information about a company's suppliers. I created this software for Rémi Carrier inc. because their old corrupted system was not performing to their needs.

remicarrier.com version 1.0

During my employment at Rémi Carrier inc. I built the company's web site using PHP and MySQL™. This site had no transactional elements, although a shopping cart without payment options was planned but never implemented. I photographed well over 2,000 products to put on the web site and did all the data entry thus far. This data entry was facilitated by an application I developed that managed all web site content.

GMS (Gestico Management System) - development phase

GMS is an mini-ERP software system aimed to help small businesses flourish and provide them with real-time information about its operations (inventory, clients, sales, purchases, shipping and finances). I prefer a simple yet robust product when building information systems which, in turn, promote quality rather than complex, hard to understand and non-ergonomic user interfaces that lead to performance issues. The following is a list of features you will find in this product:

  • Inventory management.
  • Stock locations.
  • Print various reports.
  • SQL Server™ Express or MySQL™ community edition databases.
  • Barcode label printing.
  • Authentication by username and password. (Unlimited amount of users)
  • Administration management.
  • Supplementary modules: (each desired module must be purchased individually)
    • GMS-Purchases (Purchasing management)
    • GMS-Sales (Sales management)
    • GMS-Client (Client management)
    • GMS-LG (Finance module)
    • GMS-Ship (Shipping and receiving management)


sgPack is a Borland Package Library I created that combines many reusable classes I implemented over the years. This package is used in several of my projects and contains objects to help manage ADO and MySQLDAC connections, localization and last, but not least, application user authentication management.


sgLocalize is a tool I developed to help with software localization. Using a database, the application stores strings in multiple languages (as needed) and each entry has an ID. The final exported file is encrypted and compressed.


sgSQL is another tool I created similar to sgLocalize, however, instead of storing localizable strings, it stores SQL statements to avoid having to rebuild the application when a minimal change is needed.

CPMS™ (Cartridge Production Management System)

CPMS™ is one of my greatest achievements of my career. This project is a production line and inventory management system with barcoding technologies that I developed over a period of three years for Sistek Data Products. I used a combination of C++ Builder and SQL Server through a local network of over 15 client stations. I also installed a Windows Server 2003 system trusted between the already existing domain.

The features of this project are:
  • Inventory Management - All raw materials in the warehouse were stored and could be referenced by name or location.
  • Production Line Management - Each item went down the line, multiple barcode scans along the way to indicate state of production.
  • Label Printing - Finished goods labels and barcoded serial numbers were printed through the system.
  • Production Reports - Multiple views could be queried at any moment during the day to have an idea of how production was going.
Features not yet implemented but that were planned:
  • Production Bonus System - A graph would have been displayed on a giant screen to show all workers the state of the days production and target goals to start obtaining pay bonuses.
  • Finished Goods Inventory (Web) - Transfer of inventory stock to the website after each finish scan of a products state of completion.
  • Connected Real-Time Inventory (handheld) - Inventory stock available for salesmen's handheld devices on the road.

Gestico SP-DEV™

Gestico SP-DEV™ is a remake my Milestones Manager™ project. I wanted restructure the software with more efficient ways of programming. It is currently on ice since the start of GMS.

Ant Bully™ (PC)

Ant Bully™ is a video game developed by A2M (Artificial Mind & Movement) now called Behaviour Interactive. I was one of the programmers that worked on the main controller and the HUD elements. During this time I also helped the programming team that was in the final stages for the game Ed, Edd & Eddy.

Gestico SI-MAN™

Gestico SI-MAN™ is a small inventory management software designed to help a corner store/gas station control stock and pricing.

Milestones Manager™

While working for Microïds Canada, I developed a project management application combined with employee timesheets to give project leads a better understanding of the tasks at hand and to distribute such tasks to appropriate assets throughout the team.

Tennis Master Series 2003™

Tennis Master Series 2003™ was a game developed by Microïds Canada and I did many things with them. On the game I was an integrator of menu content and HUD elements. I also had sit downs with the lead artist to discuss ideas on the menus.

Even though I did have a small role to play in designing the menus, the credits roll out for this game have me under Design, above the programmers who's tools I used to make the menus, and that is not an accurate entry. It was unfortunately too late to make a change and the booklets went out with inacurate information regarding my work.